Cheesy Yorkshire Pudding | 9 | with poached egg, tomato jam and fresh chive

English Tea Cured Salmon Boxty | 15 | Earl Grey cured salmon with crispy potato pancakes & creme fraiche

3 on 3 Omelet | 9 | Three egg omelet, toast and potatoes, with your choice of three:

tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, cheese, onions, peppers or ham

Two Eggs Your Way | 7 | with potatoes and toast

English Breakfast | 12 | English bacon, roasted tomatoes & mushrooms, poached eggs, English pudding & beans

Vegan Power Breakfast | 9 | Quinoa scramble with mushrooms, onions, spinach and nutritional yeast

Breakfast Risotto | 9 | Creamy arborio rice with ham, tomatoes, eggs, mushrooms and parmesan

Belgian Waffle | 8 | Lightly toasted and garnished with fresh berries and sugar dust

Arthouse Granola | 7 | House made Granola layered with spiced apple, Greek yogurt and honey



Fresh Fruit, English Bacon, Black Sausage,  Bacon, Beans,  Bagel,  Muffin, Toast


Minestrone |3.50 cup/4.50 bowl| Fresh vegetables, tomatoes and beans finished with pesto

Chowder | Our house made chowder. Ask your server for details.

Garden Salad | 7 | Tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and Italian vinaigrette

Chili Dogs | 10 | Two all-beef dogs with chili and cheese

Three Cheese Fries | 8 | Our house made lemon potato wedges topped with mozzarella, parm and jack cheeses

Loaded Fries | 9 | Three Cheese Fries topped with chili



All-American | House made catsup and mustard with onions and cheddar

BBQ | Berbere spiced sauce with bacon and gorgonzola

Diamond Head | Roasted pineapple, Swiss, jalapeno jam and spicy mayo

Channel Burger | Pick three of your favorite toppings