To be considered for booking at the Blackthorne Publick House please submit the following in the submission box below.

Links to:

1. Your website and/or Facebook and other social media pages

2. Your music online…we cannot accept mp3s or attachments to emails. YouTube videos are acceptable.

3. Any other press materials you may have.


The following is an example of our booking policies. Terms may vary.

Agreement between Blackthorne Publick House, hereinafter referred to as “Blackthorne, Live,” and
_______________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as “Artist,” to wit:

Blackthorne, Live agrees to compensate Artist at a rate of 10% of gross gate receipts on
(Date) ____________  at Blackthorne Publick House, 402 Turnpike St, South Easton, MA 02375.

Blackthorne, Live further agrees to guarantee artist a minimum of

$50 on Tuesdays
$50 on Wednesdays
$50 on Thursdays
$150 on Fridays
$200 on Saturdays

The guaranteed minimum will be in the form of a check made payable to artist or designated band member upon their arrival on the night of their performance. Any additional amount due will be calculated as soon as possible and paid to Artist within five business days of the performance.

Artist will use his best efforts to promote this concert. Blackthorne, Live promotion is limited to social media and in-store promotion. Reminder – the more fans you bring in, the more money you will make.

Artist will arrive at least one hour prior to the start of the concert for sound check and stage set-up.

Artist will perform for approximately 85 minutes, either in one or two sets, as determined by the artist.*

Artist agrees to not book shows within 35 miles of Blackthorne Publick House for a period of 60 days of the event.*

Blackthorne, Live will prominently display Artist’s merchandise for sale the day and evening of the concert. All proceeds from merchandise sales will go to the Artist, (except for a 20% fee to be retained by Blackthorne, Live.)

Blackthorne, Live, may offer beverages at a discounted rate to certain artists. This has to be specifically enumerated in the contract.*

* – Subject to change

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